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Contemporary art: Gregory Poussier, a European sculptor rising to prominence on the international scene

While the contemporary art market is now driven by emerging talent (source), the year 2023 is marked by the meteoric rise of a European artist on the international art scene.

Gregory Poussier’s work wins people over thanks to its sophistication: his figurative sculptures, both graceful and powerful, reflect an ever-renewed concern for anatomical verisimilitude.

A sculptor for 20 years, what was once an occupation only became a professional career in 2022. With great success: he has won numerous awards, and this autumn was exhibited all over the world. Art galleries abroad, from Brussels, Stokohlm, to Tel Aviv, are also beginning to give pride of place to this artist and his uniquely poetic universe.


A modern figurative artist

Gregory Poussier’s quest for anatomical verisimilitude is a prerequisite for telling stories. His sculptures deal with humanity and seek to sublimate intrinsic human greatness.

Gregory Poussier’s artistic quest has caught eyes: last year, he won 9 prizes at exhibitions in France, including the Prix de la Ville de Biarritz and a Drouot listing with Galerie Mage in Toulouse.

And since the beginning of 2023, his career grew from successes to achievements: with a mention at the Salon des Artistes Français at the Grand Palais in Paris; a jury mention at the Figurativas competition organized by MEAM in Barcelona and the Talent Prize awarded by Art Show International Gallery – California, USA.

International recognition


Since this summer, his reputation has outgrown France, with two exhibitions at the El Greco Museum – Crete, GREECE, with Mondial Art Academia; and Galerie Espace 22 in MONACO.

This autumn, he has been exhibited in the pretigious Méridien Beach Plaza MONACO; in the Afordable Art Fair with Art Magna Gallery in Stockholm – SWEDEN; the Roz In Winter Gallery in Barbizon – FRANCE; the International Art Fair, in the Museum Palazzo Rospigliosi – ZAGAROLO-ROMA-ITALIA; the 16th French Culture Meeting with the Maison de France in Grenada – SPAIN; and in Expo METRO in Times Square – Broadway NYC – USA.

His work is also presented in several galleries in Anglet-FRANCE, Royan-FRANCE, Mougins-FRANCE, Brussels-BELGIUM, Stockholm-SWEDEN and Tel-Aviv-ISRAEL.

This autumn, Grégory Poussier was awarded the prestigious 1st prize for sculpture at the Barbizon Grand Prix.


For this first half of the 2024, its activity is particularly dense in international exhibitions and fairs:

  • Art Fair, Zurich-SWITZERLAND – January 19-21
  • Affordable Art Fair, with Art Magna gallery, Brussels-BELGIM – February 7-11
  • Salon des Artistes Français – Grand Palais, Paris-FRANCE – February 14-18
  • Lille Art up! with Art Traffik Gallery, Lille-FRANCE – February 8-11
  • Galerie Thuillier for the “Press Prize” and “Jury Prize”, – Paris-FRANCE – February 2 to 29
  • Antikmassan, with Melefors Gallery, Stockholm-SWEDEN – March 7-10
  • Art3f Barcelona-SPAIN – April 5-7
  • Sm’Art – Aix en Provence-FRANCE – May 1-5

Technical mastery refined over time

Gregory Poussier has been sculpting for 20 years. 12 years ago, he decided to pour his heart and soul into his artistic work. However, despite a small local reputation, he felt he still needed to refine his vision before really launching his career.

For 10 years, he continued to hone his craft. He then left his job as an industrial engineer to become a full-time sculptor… three weeks before the French COVID lockdown period. A salutary period of isolation; of which he took advantage to chart out his artistic career and start working towards implementing it.


His dedication has been amply rewarded: since resuming his activity in 2022, he has enjoyed excellent visibility. Today, this bilingual (French – English) artist dreams of creating human-sized sculptures.

A poetic universe emblematic of his work:
“The Sublime Makers” (Les Faiseurs de Sublime)

“The Sublime, that work of Nature that touches and transports us, marvels us in the face of the World’s grandiose.”

Have you ever let time slip away to admire a sky ablaze with the last light of day? Have you ever stopped to watch the light reflected in the drops of water in a fountain? Have you ever run your hand across old, weathered stones? Or listened with rapture to the tranquil flow of a stream?

If you are one of those people who let themselves wonder still in the habitual, who see it for the renewed miracle that surrounds us; if you are sometimes touched by rapture, if you marvel at the little things, then you are familiar with the essence of Les Faiseurs de Sublime.

The Sublime Makers are invisible artisans who shape nature’s beauty to inspire wonder. Through their repeated actions, they patiently work to create timeless instants.


A selection of sculptures inviting us to contemplate the splendor that surrounds us

Encreuse d’Ombres (Shadow Inker) – Numbered bronze


Oak base and aluminum inlay. Dimensions: 55 x 85 x 45 cm. 8 numbered copies. Price: €14,000

Souffleuse de brume (Mist Blower) – Terracotta


One of a kind. Dimensions: 31 x 15 x 19 cm. Price: €850

Arpenteur de sublime (Sublime Surveyor) – Bronze reproduction


Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 18 cm. Price: €4,400

Issued in 8 “original” numbered copies and 4 artist proofs. Each copy is unique in its modeling – since the waxes are systematically retouched by the artist – and in its patina.

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The “The Sublime Makers” series:

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