The Sublime Makers

Faiseurs de Sublime - ensemble - bronzes

The Sublime, this work of Nature which touches us and transports us, amazes us in the face of the grandeur of the World.

Have you ever let time slip away to admire a fiery sky in the last light of day? Have you ever stopped to observe the light reflected in the drops of water in a fountain? Have you ever let your hand caress old, weathered stones? Or listened with delight to the quiet flow of a stream? Have you found yourself feeling light when you see the mist rising over a field in the early morning?

  • The Cloud Illuminators who apply their bold colors during sunsets,
  • The drop carvers who hang their works in waterfalls or fountains,
  • The Mist Blowers who drape the dawn in mystery,
  • The Painters of sky mirrors who paint, like impressionists, the reflections of the sky in calm water,
  • The Dune Builders who patiently let the sand flow from their fingers,
  • TheJacob’s Ladder Weavers, who stretch threads of light between heaven and earth,
  • Bird Choreographers, who with their gestures guide the improbable movements of thousands of birds
  • Or the Perfumers of Flowers, the Tamers of Flames, the Sowers of Firmament, the Gatherers of Light…


They work to renew the beauty of the World at every moment

“Through my Sublime Makers, I like to think that I modestly contribute to bringing the gaze of those who encounter them towards this eternally renewed spectacle. To evoke in them this feeling of eternity which transcends and amazes us.

May you tirelessly surprise yourself in being these observers of the Cosmos, surprised to be present in the World. What amazes me is not that there is something Sublime. It’s because there is someone to marvel at it.”

Grégory Poussier

If you are one of those who allow themselves to be surprised at the bend of a path by the renewed miracle that surrounds us, if you happen to be touched with rapture, if you marvel at little things, then you know the work of the Sublime Makers.


“The sublime does not aim at persuasion, the usual aim of discourse, but at “ecstasy”, rapture. “Our soul rises” to its effect, “as if it had itself given birth to what it had heard” (VII-2) »

About the Sublime, Boileau’s preface to the translation “Of the Sublime” by Longinus, an ancient philosopher, who introduced the concept in a work from the 3rd century.

The Sublime Makers are invisible artisans who shape nature for our wonder. Through their repeated action, they patiently work to create moments of eternity.

“Sometimes people who have visited my studio or attended an exhibition tell me: “I thought of you and your sculptures the other day. I saw a beautiful sunset!” This kind of feedback fills me with gratitude. If my work can allow some people to pay more sustained attention to what amazes, what elevates the soul, what sometimes makes us embrace a feeling of eternity, then I say to myself that I have no better way to occupy my life.

My sculptures are an invitation to contemplation, an encouragement to wonder, an incentive to look towards the Sublime. I marvel every day that the world is so beautiful. And I never cease to be surprised by our conscious presence of this beauty. ”

Grégory Poussier