The Minos Nightmare

Minos before the oracle of Delphi,
foresees the tragedy of his future.
Minos’ Nightmare begins.
First, a dream of glory: that of becoming king.
Minos will make a pact with Poseidon.
The Kingdom of Crete against the Holocaust
that the God of the waters will choose.
However, Minos will refuse the sacrifice
of the splendid white bull
sent by Poseidon to be sacrificed.
Once king, Minos fooled Poseidon,
who to punish him will enchant Pasiphaé.
Minos’ wife will mate with the divine bull.
She will give birth to a man with the head of a bull,
that Minos will lock up in a labyrinth,
inextricable prison designed by Daedalus.
But the minotaur is demanding!
It is human lives that it feeds on.
Theseus will end the drama by killing Minotaur
and will exit the Labyrinth thanks to Ariadne’s thread,
Worthy daughter of Minos.

Patinated terracotta
Unique piece

950 €

Minos, juge aux Enfers. Illustration de Gustave Doré pour la Divine Comédie de Dante

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