The Wheat grazer

The Wheat Grazer caresses the young ears of wheat with her delicate fingers, like a light breeze, to make them ripen under the summer sun. Sometimes the breeze becomes gusty and the wheat dances in languid waves on the hills. Sometimes at dusk, the Wheat Grazer browns its ears a little more and works in concert with a Cloud Illuminator.

Numbered bronze
8 numbered copies.

Price on request

Behind the scenes of creation

The production in plastiline on a concrete iron frame, first bare, from a live model, then dressed with a drape modeled according to the desired composition. Then it’s the molding, the drawing of the wax, the melting of the bronze, and the delicate stage where we re-weld the members which have been cast separately, then the final carving before the patina.

Soldering molten elements separately
Final carving before patina

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